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If you're not sure where the reserve should be set, please contact us.
If selling with no reserve, please enter $0.00.
Seller agrees to the following:
• I/we appoint Midwest Recreational Clearinghouse L.L.C. DBA as my attorney in fact, to complete all necessary documents (as needed) and to transfer ownership as required by law.
• does not provide title insurance and does not warrant or guarantee that a title provided by any party is valid, assignable, unattached or is not forgery.
• All title work (when applicable) must be received prior to the unit going on auction.
• Units must be dropped off at a location cleaned and ready for photos. If the unit is not in photo-ready condition, you may be charged a Detailing and Conditioning fee of $75/hour ($75 minimum).
• We reserve the right to cancel any consignment that the seller is not willing to set a realistic reserve, or we believe simply will not sell for what the seller needs.
• If the unit does not sell, you must pick up the unit within 7 days to avoid storage charge fees of $25/day starting on day 7.
• Seller is responsible for the accuracy of the consignment contract and odometer statement. All damage MUST be disclosed on the consignment contract.
• Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless for any damage, claim, or cost incurred by as a result of any misrepresentation for whatever reason.
• reserves the right to list and announce all known defects or damage on the auction listing.
• I consign this vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of seller registration, auction invoice, bill of sale, current rules and policies and the condition of the consignment vehicle stated hereof.
• Seller is responsible for any non-disclosed damages to or on any vehicle that is not announced at the signing of this agreement/contract.
• Conditional sales may not be removed from auction facility until buyer has opportunity to purchase unit at sellers agreed price. is not responsible for damage to unit while on our premises, PLEASE KEEP IT INSURED.
• Seller agrees that the unit can be sold at any time after the first auction and prior to any future or consecutive re-posting for the reserve, buy it now price or reduced price offered by the seller either verbally or in writing.
• If the sale is canceled by the seller, agrees to immediately release the unit upon receiving the cancellation fee of $50.
  1. Our fee structure is as follows:
    • $150 No Sale fee for: Trucks, Cars, Watercraft, Heavy Equipment, RV's
    • $50 No Sale fee for: Lawn and Garden Equipment, Canoe/Kayak, ATV’s, UTV’s, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Snow mobiles and Misc. Items
    • Standard 2 weeks of Auction: 9% of gross sale cost with reserve and 5% of gross sale cost without reserve if unit sells. Note: Sellers consignment fee has a minimum of $50.
    • $50 For each additional week of Auction (At the discretion of Consignment Sales Rep.)
    • $200 Early Cancellation Fee- This will be charged only when the unit is currently on Auction and does not apply once it moves to Buy-it-Now on
    • $45 Administration Fee Note: This will be charged only if the check for successful sale of a unit is cut and needs to be altered after the fact
    • Detailing $75-$125 depending on unit type and $10 per foot length on Boats and RV’s. Note: This will be charged at the discretion of Cranky Ape when necessary. Please inquire at drop off if the Consignment Rep. feels it will be necessary.
    • $25/day Storage Fee Note: This cost will be incurred after the passage of 7 days following the failure of a successful sale on Auction or Buy It Now
    • $150 Winterization fee. Fees May be assessed following October 1st and prior to March 1st
  2. CRANKYAPE assumes no responsibility for collision, fire, theft, or any other damage to any vehicle, before, during, or after the sale. Vehicles and property left on the premises are left at the consigners own risk.
  3. Consigner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CRANKYAPE for any damage, claim, or cost incurred by CRANKYAPE as a result of any misrepresentation for whatever reason.
  4. CRANKYAPE reserves the right to list and announce all known defects or damage on the auction description.
  5. Consigner consigns all vehicles subject to the terms and conditions of consigner registration, auction Invoice, bill of sale.
  6. Consigner is responsible for any non-disclosed damages to or on any vehicle upon assignment.
  7. Price boosting (aka “shilling”) or any other activity in which a Consigner, on their own or in concert with others, attempts to artificially inflate the selling price of a vehicle is strictly prohibited. Neither Consigner nor any of its representatives, or agents may directly or indirectly bid on any Vehicles consigned to the Auction for the purposes of attempting to increase the sale price. Any violation of section 7 may result in removal of the unit from auction in addition to bidding privileges and future sale of units being revoked.
  8. Consigner shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless CRANKYAPE, its parent company, affiliates, directors, officers, agents, employees, and as necessary, Buyer, from and against any liability, loss, damage, cost, expense, claim, suit or demand, including attorneys’ fees and other legal costs, resulting from, arising out of or connected, directly or indirectly, with the Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, all claims, allegations, and demands whatsoever challenging the validity of Seller’s title or title documents.
  9. Please keep unit insured until AFTER a sale has been completed.
MISCELLANEOUS items REQUIRE APPROVAL prior to selling on
MISCELLANEOUS fees are at the discretion of the Consignment Representative.

By checking this, Seller agrees to the Terms and Conditions: